Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you make house calls?

A. Yes, we generally service the Long Island, New York City Area but we have serviced calls in Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Jersey.

Q. I only have one PC in my home. Will you still come to my house?

A. Yes, Computer Surgeon makes house calls in homes and businesses.

Q. Do you sell systems?

A. Yes, we sell desktop, tower, mini tower, and laptops, for most major brands. Computer Surgeon can custom configure too.

Q. Do you service everything you sell?

A. Yes, new systems are protected with a warranty. We will continue to service your PC even after the warranty period expires.

Q. I had an extended warranty from a major computer company that went out of business? How do I know I am protected?

A. Computer Surgeon has been servicing computers in the Long Island and New York City area for almost 30 years! Although past history does not guarantee the future, we expect to continue to provide expert service for many years to come. The PC you purchase from Computer Surgeon also is warranteed by the manufacturer. So you have two levels of protection.

Q. If I didn’t buy the computer from Computer Surgeon, can I still get service from you?

A. Yes, Computer Surgeon services most brands of PC’s.

Q. I have a technical question. The other guys wanted to charge me for an answer. How much do you charge for questions?

A. Computer Surgeon doesn’t charge customers for technical questions. If you have a technical question, send us an E-mail. 

Q. I had a “computer specialist” charge me by the hour while he sat in my office reading the manual. Are your technicians going to learn at my expense?

A. We will not learn at your expense. It is necessary to reference a technical manual occasionally. Computer Surgeon has certified technicians and over 35 years of experience. We work very closely with many of the major manufacturers of hardware and software. If we can’t resolve your computer problem, we will recommend someone who can.

Q. Do you fix monitors, laptops, and printers?

A. Yes, Computer Surgeon services most computers and computer related equipment.

Q. Do you give free estimates?

A. Yes, just call up to make your appointment to bring in your computer equipment for a free estimate.